2017.07.04 Kobe,Japan 9th World implant Orthodontic Conference Detail
2015.11.26 Tokyo,Japan 最新臨床矯正講義 '生體親化的 矯正治療' Detail
2015.11.20 Fukuoka,Japan Understanding the mechanics of miniscrew implant related orthontic treatment Detail
2015.9.6 Taipei,Taiwan Tissue friendly strategic leveling and low friction sliding mechanics Detail
2014.10.20-22 Chiba,Japan Molar Intrusion Using Implants : The Key Element to Correct Anterior Open Bite and/or Vertical Excess Problems Detail
2013.5.5 Philadelphia, USA Molar Intrusion Using TADs: The Key Element to Correcting Anterior Open Bite and/or Vertical Excess Problems. Invited lecture in AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) annual conference Detail
2012.3.1-4 St Louise, USA Treatment of Open Bites : With and without TADs. Invited lecture for OREF (Orthodontic Research and Education Foundation) annual meeting Detail
2010.12.10-12 Taipei, Taiwan TAO 22nd National Annual Meeting 2nd World Implant Orthodontic Conference  Detail
2009.9.3 Tokyo, Japan Current Clinical Orhtodontics using Sliding Mechanics  Detail
2009.3.20 Osaka, Japan 21th Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association  Detail
2008.11.6-8 Seoul, Korea The 2nd Joint Meeting of KAO and JOS  Detail
2008.9.27-28 Seoul, Korea 1st World implant orthodontic conference & 7th Asian implant orthodontic conference  Detail
2008.9.24-27 Shanghai, China The Rising Sun Orthodontic Conference in Shanghai  Detail
2008.3.1-2 Nagasaki, Japan The 3rd Academic Conference of Kyushu Orthodnotic Society  Detail
2007.6.15-17 Seoul, Korea The 46th Academic conference of Korean Dental Association Symposium  Detail
2007.5.30 Naples, Italy 1day course for University of Naples (SINET 2007)  Detail1  Detail2
2007.3.8 Tokyo, Japan Implant Orthodontics Seminar 1 day Course (Yasunaga Computer)  Detail
2006.9.10 Tokyo, Japan Lecture for Japanese Academy of Non-Extraction Orthodontics  Detail
2006.6.10-11 Mumbai, India Lecture for Indian Society of Orthodontists  Detail1  Detail2
2006.5.5-9 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA AAO (American Association of orthodontists) annual meeting
Detail1  Detail2
2006.3.12 Tokyo, Japan Implant Orthodontics Seminar 1 day Course (Yasunaga Computer)  Detail
2006.3.2 New York, USA Precongress course (Micro implant usage for Lingual Orthodontics) for WSLO (World Society of Lingual Orthodontics)  Detail1  Detail2
2006.2.3 Costa Mesa, California, USA Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO) meeting  Detail1  Detail2
2006.1.19-21 Santa Barbara, California, USA Dr. Arnett's Orthognathic Course  Detail1  Detail2
2005.10.9 Osaka, Japan Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (Simbigakkai)
2005.10.6 Osaka, Japan Implant Orthodontics Seminar 1 day Course (Yasunaga Computer)  Detail
2005.8.21-25 Lake Tahoe, USA Biannual meeting of Angle Society of Orthodontists  Detail1  Detail2
2005.7.14 Seoul, Korea 1 day intensive course for Japanese doctors  Detail
2005.6.28-29 Los Angeles, USA 2 day course in Dept. of Orthodontics, UCLA
2005.6.9 Seoul, Korea 1 day intensive course for Japanese doctors  Detail
2005.4.24 Seoul, Korea Digital Orthodontic Symposium (the Adult Orthodontics Seminar)  Detail
2005.4.22 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Symposium on Micro-Implants in Orthodontics  Detail
2005.4.1-2 LasVegas, USA 3M Unitek 8th Annual Summit  Detail
2005.3.19 Anaheim, USA Angle Orthodontist Southern California meeting  Detail1  Detail2  Detail3
2005.2.10 Tokyo, Japan Implant Orthodontics Seminar 1 day Course (Yasunaga Computer)  Detail
2004.7.10-11 Seoul, Korea 40th Anniversary of Department of Orthodontics and 3rd International Class III SNU orthodontic Seminar  Detail1  Detail2
2004.6.30-7.4 Barcelona, Spain Best lecture award  Detail1  Detail2  Detail3
2003.5. Hawaii, USA ALOA (American Lingual Orthodontic Association)  Detail1  Detail2
1999.5. Monterrey, Mexico 1-day course at Dept. of Orthodontics in Monterrey University  Detail
1998.5. Dallas, USA Invited Lecture in the Advances in Clinical Orthodontics Session
at AAO (Ametrican Association of Orthodontists)  Detail1  Detail2
1998.10.18 Japan 47th Annual Meeting of Japan Orthodontic Society
1997.5. Washington DC, USA Lecture at International MEAW